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The research proposal is a document that is curated with a view to get sponsorship or to get approval for experimentation execution from the supervisor. It intends to attract funds from the investor to implement the suggestions illustrated in the proposal. The proposal contains the what, why, and how question and their answer regarding the area of study. The sure-shot solution of the given problem is also devised and explained in it. The solution confirms advanced analysis, design, and scientific principles. Your proposal will only receive funds when it is innovative and presented and presented in an intelligible manner. Our research proposal help writers provide a unique content piece in every single research proposal that is worth publishing.

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    Research Proposal Help   Research Proposal Help   Research Proposal Help

    Research Proposal Help   Research Proposal Help   Research Proposal Help

    Research Proposal Help   Research Proposal Help   Research Proposal Help

    Format of Research Proposal

    A research activity is actually diverse and full of information to make understand about your work. We write research proposals in the explained manner. The format suggested and practiced by our experts is explained below but, in some cases, it may vary.

    1.    Title

    It is one of the important aspects of a research proposal. The title should not be more than 25 words but it must provide adequate information within the specified limit of words. It is expected to describe the purpose of the research proposal too. To lure the interest of readers write an appealing title. The title is printed on the front page along with the name of the student (or students), supervisor, institution and department.

    2.    Index

    It is also known as a table of contents. It consists of the heading of the content along with the location (page number). It is advisable to add a list of tables and list of figures. This list consists of three columns, one for the title of figure/table and another column for page number and orders number (to assign priory) of the same.

    3.    Abstract

    An abstract consists of an overview of the project. It includes background information, motivation, technicalities, and scope of the project in brief. Generally, it extends to 500 words but it is recommended to keep it crisp. Writing an effective abstract is a delicate task because an inexact sentence can lead to ambiguity. It is suggested by our expert writers to write abstract after the completion of a research proposal and get proofread by your mentor or expert. There is no limit of word count however it should not be too lengthy.

    4.    Literature Review

    This section consists of information regarding the research study gathered from reading books, review articles, published articles, etc. Mention relevant only, for this you need to study a lot of technical material rigorously. Seldom literature review is a part of the introduction but in general practice, separate sections are preferred. We encourage all the students to share credit with the author whose research article you quote in your proposal.

    It is recommended to write a literature review like a story with providing arguments and critical analysis. It may sound foolish but it attracts the attention of people and that is what we aim for. Make sure your story conforms to a timeline that means the oldest event or study comes first and newest at last. The Do’s and Don’ts of literature review are as follows:


    • Share the credit with those who have provided foundation information for your research study.
    • Illustrate your knowledge regarding the scope of research
    • Evaluate literature material critically
    • Explain existing theories with a fresh interpretation.
    • Persuade readers that your research proposal can make an impact.


    • Poorly structured
    • Absence of coherence
    • No mention of recent development in the corresponding research field.
    • Not sharing credit with the actual author.
    • Citation of irrelevant information.
    5.    Methods

    The grades of your research proposal writing depends on this section. It is a deciding part of an analytical study whether it will succeed or fail. It exhibits how you planned and to what extent you solved the problem. It is the lengthiest section with a maximum weightage of marks. You must include adequate information for readers to understand it. It is mandatory to come with a solution and explain articulately in this section. To pursue people easily you must add calculations, analysis, CAD models, stats etc.

    6.    Budgeting

    Our writers provide an estimation of the proposed project however it varies case to case. It consists of the cost of equipment, project apparatus, and logistics cost.

    7.    Results

    In the case of a research proposal, you don’t have any actual results but you can mention anticipated results backed by mathematical models, statistics, even terms of profit you can write the results. Investors give importance to this section.

    8.    Discussion

    To get the best grades or lure the investment you need to convince the readers that your research study is innovative and has the potential to make a considerate impact. It is advisable to don’t exaggerate your work. To make it sound realistic, state the limitations clearly.

    9.    Research schedule

    Generally, this section is in the table form but varies from university to university. Gantt chart is widely used for showcasing the progress of the project with respect to time. Before writing it down check the norms of your university. It is a way to keep track of your project-related activity.


    In this section, you will provide a simple explanation of all technical words and jargon used in the research. This section is important because it will help readers to understand your research proposal report better. The length of this section depends on the number of terminologies used in report writing.


    It is the last section of the report which includes the list of sources that you have referred for the purpose of report writing. There are various formats available online but we suggest you follow the guidelines issued by your university for the references.

    Common Mistakes In Proposal Writing      

    The widespread mistakes include penning down too long research proposals as they should not have unrelated information. It must contain detailed information about the novel study with relevancy. Make sure the information mentioned in the report is aligned to the purpose of the project. Not citing acclaimed work of the corresponding subject is also unacceptable. You should know how to evaluate the information and as failing to work done by industry and academic experts can also result in low grades or termination in some cases. Grammatical errors can spoil all your hard work. Your report writing is expected to be free from typos, punctuation errors, and grammatical mistakes. Your report is also expected to be to the point. It should elaborately discuss the particulars without diverging from the core subject. The other common mistakes made are as follows:

    • Improper framing of problem definition.
    • Improper structure of research proposal.
    • Presentation of theoretical and empirical studies not up to the standards.
    • Going off-track from the subject of research.
    • Not able to write a convincing report.
    • Using too many technical terms.
    • Too much additional information.
    • Lack of citation.
    • Incorrect references.
    • Too short proposal

    Why Is Research Proposal Writing So Challenging?

    The reason behind facing difficulties while writing a research proposal help is that you need to evaluate the relevant information. It must not be too long so you cannot add all the studies of the corresponding topic.

    After filtering out unrelated information, the next challenge is to decide the order of it. Improper ordering may lead to confusion or doubts. The real challenge is that you need to fit past development of a particular work, recent trend, and scope in the future also. With all these problems you have to cope with the ticking clock. You are expected to submit the work within the specified deadline otherwise brace yourself for consequences.

    We’ll help you to find out all the information as well as curate also. Our writers have experience of several years with best academic performance hence they are qualified to do it.

     Quick tip: A research proposal must consist of the following:

    • Aims and objective
    • Significance of the selected project
    • Applied methods/principle
    • Citation of acclaimed study in the corresponding field.
    • Anticipated results
    • The effect of expected results

    Why Choose Us

    High Quality Assignment Help is a best research proposal writing service provider in the industry. We have a team of 400+ Ph.D. writers with numerous years of experience. Our team of customer support representatives is ready to help you 24/7 and 365 days a year. We provide the best research proposal writing service at an affordable price. We curate customized research proposal reports within specified deadlines. We are very punctual in delivery so don’t bother about it.

    We provide plagiarism free reports with sound technical knowledge. Our experts are well known for writing persuasive content. We have a special team for checking and solving errors. We strive to deliver quality content at a competitive price. They inspect the content on various parameters. We employ the best tools to scrutinize the content. If you have doubts regarding concepts explained in the research report feel free to contact us. Our writers will explain and solve your doubts at no extra cost.

    Our high-qualified writers have been part of the research team at esteemed universities and MNCs and held positions for numerous years. You don’t need to worry about the content we aspire to deliver great quality.

    Ethan Roberts
    Research Proposal
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    The research proposal presents a compelling case for investigating an important and timely topic. The interdisciplinary approach outlined in the proposal shows a deep commitment to comprehensive analysis. I have no doubt that this research will contribute significantly to the field and strongly recommend its approval.
    Charlotte Mitchell
    Research Proposal
    Read More
    Having carefully reviewed the research proposal, I am impressed by the researcher's thoroughness and attention to detail. The proposed study design is robust, and the anticipated outcomes hold great promise. This research has the potential to advance our understanding in the field significantly, and I fully support its implementation.
    Liam Thompson
    Research Proposal
    Read More
    I wholeheartedly endorse this research proposal. The well-defined research questions and the rigorous methodology outlined in the proposal indicate a thoughtful and systematic approach. The potential impact of this study on the field cannot be overstated, and I am excited to see its outcomes.
    Jack Anderson
    Research Proposal
    Read More
    Am incredibly impressed with the research proposal presented. The comprehensive methodology and clear objectives demonstrate a deep understanding of the subject matter. This proposal has the potential to make significant contributions to the field and deserves full support."
    Research Proposal
    Read More
    My research proposal and entire dissertation were excellent, and I am quite delighted with your service. The assignment is very acceptable. I am pleased with my results in the end. I'm really grateful for your wonderful writing service.

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