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Finance is a term used for creation, management, and investment of money of an individual or corporate. It deals with the consumption of capital of a company or government. The study of finance revolves around mathematics, statistics, and human emotion; hence it is an amalgamation of art and science. Finance dissertation writing help intends to overcome obstacles of effective allocations of funds, investment-related issues, financial crunches (like COVID-19), lack of transparency in accounting, cryptocurrency price volatility, and rise in unemployment due to recession. Our writers are well qualified to address all these dissertation problems and can provide apt solutions. 

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    Finance Dissertation Writing Help    Finance Dissertation Writing Help    Finance Dissertation Writing Help

    Finance Dissertation Writing Help   Finance Dissertation Writing Help   Finance Dissertation Writing Help

    Finance Dissertation Writing Help   Finance Dissertation Writing Help   Finance Dissertation Writing Help

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    The subjects of finance are mainly classified into three categories, namely, public finance, personal finance, and corporate finance. All the topics have abundant opportunities for dissertations, but we recommend you to focus on a single subject. This how your work will get recognition

    Corporate Finance

    Finance management assignment branch which deals with funding sources, budgeting, and investment planning. It focuses on increasing shareholder value through the implementation of various strategies in the long term or short term. The decision related to capital investment, capital financing, and short-term liquidity fall under corporate financing. In a finance dissertation, you can discuss micro-financing, financial trends, and efficiency of corporate governance.

    Personal Finance

    It means managing money, saving, and investment decisions of an individual. It includes insurance, mortgages, tax, retirement planning, banking, and investment. It aims to achieve short-term or long-term financial targets like child’s college fees, retirement, or foreign trips. It is recommended to make a budget, allocate money for emergencies, and limit the use of credit cards. In the finance dissertation, we encourage you to discuss the reliability of mutual funds, cryptocurrency, and the importance of health insurance.

    Risk Management

    Risk management is the identification, assessment, and prevention of risks. Risk can arise from various sources like the financial market, failure of a project, competitor policy, and natural disaster. The strategies to deal with the threats are, avoiding, mitigating the risk or transferring the loss caused due to threat. In the accounting dissertation, we suggest you spread light on the risk involved in food industries, the risk involved in online banking, and ISO 31000.


    Auditing is an inspection of account books of a company, and an auditor does it. It is carried out to ascertain the authentication of financial statements made by the company. It can be done by the head of a department, third party firm, or an individual auditor to verify all the accounts and inventory. It aims to demystify the fraud if being done. In a finance dissertation, you can write about corporate governance, type of audit services, and globalization of auditing standards.


    Economics is the branch of social science which deals with production, distribution, and consumption of service and goods. It is divided into macroeconomics and microeconomics. The systems of economics are communism, capitalist, and socialism. The main constituents of the economy are labour and trade. In the finance dissertation, you can talk about job creation, measures to increase consumption, and role in small scale industries.

    Financial Accounting

    It is a division of accounting that summarizes, analyzes, and reports financial transactions. It includes compiling financial statements for the stakeholder, supplier, bank, employee, government agencies, and public. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) are the norms of accounting that are widely accepted and practised. In a finance dissertation, you can discuss various accounting methods, accounting ethics, and electronic bookkeeping.

    Capital Budgeting

    It is the study that helps to decide whether a proposed fixed asset to buy or not. The study provides a quantitative view to take a decision. The methods of capital budgeting are net present value analysis, Payback period, Avoidance analysis, and Constraints analysis. In your finance dissertation, you can discuss the role of capital budgeting in modern business and capital budgeting practices in African countries.

    International Finance

    It is also known as international macroeconomics. This is the study of monetary transactions between the two countries. The motive for these financial transactions could be currency exchange or foreign direct investment. With the increasing globalization, many countries lend money to other countries as debt. In your finance dissertation, you can explain the impact of COVID – 19 on the global economy and recession of 2008-09.  

    Behavioural Finance

    Behavioural finance is the sub-field of study of behavioural economics, and it explains the effect of biases and psychological influence on the financial behaviour of investors. Biased behaviour can also result in stock market anomalies such as a sudden rise or fall of stock prices. Impact of personality trait in investing, the role of gender in decision making of investment is the key topic for finance dissertation.

    Methods Of Data Collection

    The collection of data is the primary need of any dissertation. There are two sources of data, and both have some advantages and drawbacks, we suggest you opt the source as per your need and deadline. Let’s understand in detail:

    Primary Source

    In primary data collection, you have to gather information by yourself. You can collect data from online sources, books, interviewing experts of corresponding fields, or surveying. The perks of primary data are you will get in raw form, and it would be authentic. The data available from secondary sources might be manipulated. The drawback of this data collection method is that it is relatively expensive and takes more time in accumulation. Gather data on the number of people buying health insurance. What motivates people to invest in a particular company? How has COVID-19 affected the financial budget of an under-developing country? What percentage of entrepreneurs prefer electronic bookkeeping?

    Secondary Source

    The secondary source of data is already and gathered and processed by a third party. Though this is quickest and relatively pocket-friendly, the result obtained is not as reliable as it should. Magazines, electronic media, newspapers, government departments, private data collection agencies, and books are the sources of data. You can acquire information on accounting ethics, investment pattern, consumption of a specific class of people, auditing standards, and risk appetite of companies belonging to a particular sector.

    Selection Of Research Design For Marketing Dissertation

    There are a variety of research designs, and they are classified into two categories, namely, qualitative and qualitative. You can choose any design considering data you have gathered and anticipated results. Your scores will be decided on the results obtained from research design, so choose wisely.

    Quantitative Research Design

    It is the study and analysis of quantifiable data such as stats, probability, percentage, and raw data. There is a facility of manual evaluation (using mathematical models), and you can employ the latest computer software to process the data. Information such as what percentage of people prefer to invest in cryptocurrency? How many people pushed below the poverty line due to recession? What is the probability of online banking fraud?

    Following are the research design falls under the category of quantitative research:

    1. Operational research – It analyses complex organizations intending to draft new strategies to improve efficiency.
    2. Evaluation study – It evaluates the outcome of applied strategies and gives judgment for the same.
    Qualitative Research Design

    It is used to evolve policies, strategies, theories, and in the understanding of human behavior. It is relatively easy to draft an account dissertation with this research design. It examines ideologies, observation, principles, dogma, and characteristics. This data is processed from the perspective of the assessor, and they can also take reference of popular study of relevant fields. You can examine information like how negative marketing influences the decision of investment in a particular stock. What is the role of psychology in investment? How can improved standards of accounting increase transparency in business operations? Following are the research design falls under the qualitative research:

    1. Historical research – Collect all the relevant theories and methods from the past, analyse the trends, predict future events.

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    Accounting Management
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    It was good. The assignment was delivered on time and also citations were great.
    Accounting Management
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    It was good. The assignment was delivered on time and also citations were great.

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