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Policy of Fair Use

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If you place an order or take any type of service from HighQualityAssignmentHelp.com, you agree to comply with all aspects of this Policy of Fair Use.

Academic Integrity

As we continue to help students with their quest for academic success with the aim to helop them increase their grades, we believe it is our moral obligation to support learning by ethical means, and we have zero tolerance for our material misuse under Academic Code of Honor. Our tutors conduct extensive research in order to compile well-informed resources for students to use as only a reference materials. We strongly condemn unfair practices for performing the action or task of duplication, copy-pasting, and paraphrasing of our content in assignments. We do not condone students portraying our work as their own in any way.

Any violation of our Academic Code of Honor will result in severe consequences and will be treated as a violation of our ‘Policy of Fair Use.

Our Moral Code

Our goal statement is very important to us, and we strive to provide students with the assistance they need to accomplish well-founded and outstanding assignments. We strive to foster a curious learning attitude through our entertaining and thought-provoking study materials.

Our experts present reliable empirical data acquired from books, gazettes, academic debate forums, institutional reports, and other reputable sources.

We put forth a lot of effort to compile unique, thorough, and instructive resources for students. Students and visitors to our website are expected to follow the same ethical guidelines.

By making the research process as simple as possible, we hope to aid students in understanding and mastering challenging theories. We’re on the same level as well.

Indeed, we encourage students to take a thoughtful and critical approach to learn through our course materials. Our goal is to assist students in gaining a better knowledge of difficult topics. After a thorough review of our content, we want students to arrive at their own unique conclusions.

We follow a strong moral code and want our users to follow it as well. We will take quick action if someone is detected plagiarising, copyright infringement, or illegal copying of our study materials. The use of High-Quality Assignment Help’s content to generate duplicate facsimiles of the following is not permitted or tolerated:

  1. Copying study materials in part or whole for academic assignments and homework papers.
  2. Using any protected work in print or broadcast media.
  3. Using our learning resources for purposes other than qgaining information and clarifying concepts.
  4. Submit any section of our study materials as your own original work to any university.

Anyone who violates our Academic Code of Honor, their access to our services revoked. If you accept our terms of Policy of Fair Use, you will be bound by our terms, intellectual property rights policy, and ethical code of honor.

Ethical Norms

Through our educational resources, we underscore our firm position against academic misconduct. All of the concepts in our study materials were written from scratch by our writers. We have the required copyrights for their work. When we quote or annotate other writers’ work in our research, we give proper credit with appropriate citations and remarks. We recognize and embrace the ethical responsibility to preserve honesty and transparency when referring to the work of other authors.

Scholar Norms
  • We follow the accepted ethical practice of only referring to highly credible and trustworthy sources when gathering information.
  • Our work is jam-packed with factual data.
  • During the scholars’ tutoring, we firmly reject any questionable or unverifiable sources.
  • We put a lot of emphasis on the quality of the resources we use to create our study materials, and we never use low-quality materials.
  • We follow the accepted ethical practice of only referring to highly credible and trustworthy sources when gathering information.
  • Our work is densely packed with exact data and numbers.
  • During the scholars’ tutoring, we firmly reject any questionable or unverifiable sources.
  • We place a great value on the resources we use to put together our study materials, and we never use inferior resources.
  • Only high-brow sources, such as books by well-known authors, institutional documents, and reports from think tanks and policy-making organizations, were used to assemble our research.
Academic Principles

We believe in the sanctity of education and are vehemently opposed to academic misconduct in any form. Any violation of our Academic Code of Honor will have serious ramifications. We also emphasize unambiguously that the main objective of all of our academic work is to draw inferences and achieve greater conceptual clarity. Anyone caught abusing our copyrighted material will face serious consequences.

We shall not allow any violations or infringements of our code of ethics. As a corporation, we adhere to the highest ethical standards. Any violation of our honor code will be severely punished. Our researchers created a list of resources that have been thoroughly examined in order to provide major academic assistance to pupils. We want to help kids succeed in college without having to pay for expensive tutoring.

As we passionately believe in our ideas of equity and trust, we deliver high-quality educational solutions to students to make learning easier and faster. We have faith in their capacity to appropriately manage our resources while adhering to our academic principles. Students must also abide by the code of ethics established by their various institutions.

Anti-plagiarism Guidelines

All the assignment writing work or any other writing service, which is done from scratch, provided by High Quality Assignment Help experts. As evidence of our commitment to excellence, we supply students with Turnitin Report to ensure 100% plagiarism free work. We follow a 100% plagiarism free policy. Plagiarism is not accepted here, and all of our writers are held to a high degree of creative honesty. We use widely accepted text-matching and proofreading standards to detect plagiarism, copyright infringement, and the fabrication of facts.

Our provided free sample and instant answer academic papers are meant to be used only as a model or reference paper for further research, and make a rough draft. Disregarding the Plagiarism Policy and submitting the sample or instant answer paper as it is, will result in plagiarism issues and penalty in grade for academic dishonesty, issued by the concerned University. High Quality Assignment Help respect the academic norms observed by various universities across the globe. It will be of no help in the long run to use the original model paper as it is. It will prevent you from gathering the knowledge you need to put into practice during exams.

How can I use your Free Sample / Instant Answer Papers?

High Quality Assignment Help’s free sample and Instant Answer model academic papers are written to give students an idea of how to address a specific academic assignment question and what is the content that needs to be included. But, that does not mean, however, that the specific questions will only be asked in a similar format. You might be asked to come up with another perspective based on a similar topic, if it exists. The model academic papers, however, will serve to help you come up with an idea of how the question was answered:

  1. Go through each and every paragraph of sample/model paper and note down key points.
  2. Taking help of these key points, try and formulate your own original idea as per the question.
  3. Review work of all the resources (scholar reference) given in the sample/model paper and conduct a deep research to gain a full knowledge on the topic.
  4. Use the sources to conduct additional research required for the same type of academic work.
  5. After collecting all the necessary information and key points, draft a rough work as per the requirements of the assignment.
  6. Then come-up with a Final Draft. Ensure the final piece of work is plagiarism-free at 100% and is written using your own knowledge.

While, reading the model paper and drawing references from it will be a bit tedious for you, but you will learn the whole subject extensively that will aid you in your future examinations.

Can I Submit The Free Sample or Instant Answer Model Paper To My Academic Institute?

No! These free sample or instant answer model papers are already been submitted and will still be considered plagiarized even if you try to make minor changes in the work. You are supposed to submit 100% original work to your respective college and university. The tailor-made research work provided by us will be absolutely beneficial if you consider using it according to our Fair Use Policy. This will help you to upgrade your academic scores by learning how to master the art of composing exemplary academic papers, during every semester.

Our academic writers have mastered the art of writing 100% original work as per the assignment requirements, and can help you upgrade your academic scores. Our Academic writing experts can help you learn how to compose each exemplary academic papers for each subject and semester.

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