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A nurse is a caretaker of patients who has graduated in nursing programs. You cannot work as a professional nurse, and you have to get certification from a competent authority. In the situation of COVID- 19 nurses have offered unprecedented compassion and care to patients. They have ensured accurate diagnosis and proper treatment of all patients and have safeguarded the public health system from collapsing. Generally, a nurse is responsible for physical examination and checking past illness history. They also offer to counsel and oversee the medication, coordinating with doctors. Florence Nightingale has proved there are no limits to the responsibilities of a nurse; thus, she is still ideal for many nurses even today. We at High Quality Assignment Help provide un-parallel service related to Nursing Dissertation Help.

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The subject of nursing is extensive. We suggest you address the problem of anyone subject to effectively fulfil the criteria of the dissertation.

Gibbs Reflective Cycle

It is a practice based on learning from own experience rather than learning from formal methods. It is the best way of learning and an excellent tool to grow in the field of nursing. A person who reflects on their own past action is not a daydreamer but a conscious being who aspires to rectify the action if found inappropriate. This method of teaching is not just limited to nursing. It is also utilized to make balanced decision making. The benefits of Gibbs reflective cycle are fostered in-depth learning, promotes self-awareness, knowing your strength, weakness, and area of improvement.

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    Nursing Dissertation Help    Nursing Dissertation Help    Nursing Dissertation Help

    Nursing Dissertation Help   Nursing Dissertation Help   Nursing Dissertation Help

    Nursing Dissertation Help   Nursing Dissertation Help   Nursing Dissertation Help

    Nursing Leadership

    The nursing leadership means to influence beliefs, attitudes, feelings, and behavior of other people. The result is to get valued and respected; consequently, boosts self-esteem. But how can you be a leader in the clinical area? The answer is: by inculcating positive leadership style or applying techniques such as Leadership By Walking Around. Following are the other nursing leadership style:

    • Servant – Servant leadership happens when you listen to others’ needs with humility and fulfil it.
    • Transformation – When a leader introduces a positive and valuable change in patients, this is called transformational leadership.
    • Authoritarian or Autocratic – the leader who practices this technique doesn’t ask for inputs from co-workers.

    It describes the fiction of the human body. It explains the functioning of the human reproductive system, lymphatic system, parts of the skeleton, and heart. Case studies are utilized to make them familiar with on-field challenges. Nurses should know the anatomy and physiology of the human body to treat the patients properly.


    Nurses have to understand the needs of patients and deliver the best possible care. They should understand human behaviour in-depth so that they can cope with patients in most severe conditions. When a person is suffering from the illness from a long period, their endurance plummets, and their grit to live life evaporates. That is where psychology plays a pivotal role. They are responsible for motivating patients to fight against diseases. 


    Genetic and genomics are important subjects for nursing students. It is the study of inherited traits, and a comparatively recent field of study yet plays a crucial role in caring for a patient. Genomics is a part of generics that analyse and compare the interaction of genomes with each other. Both studies help to determine the risk of certain diseases for individuals.

    Method Of Data Collection

    There are only two data collection methods but have some pros and cons, so choose according to your requirement. Let’s understand each in detail:

    Primary Source 

    In this method, you have to collect the data by yourself. You can use online tools or interview industry as per your requirement. It is suggested to gather data from newspapers, periodicals, journals, or other books. The perks of primary sourcing is that data will be raw, untampered, and authentic. The results based on primary sourcing are comparatively reliable but are costly and time consuming too.

    Secondary Source

    In this method, a set of information is retrieved from a third party. This is the quickest and cheapest method for data accumulation. You can rely on private data collection agencies and governmental websites. The result obtained is not as trustworthy as it should.

    Types Of Research Designs

    There are a number of research designs, but all of them are categorized into two categories. Before selecting any design, consider the data you have gathered and the expected result. We advise you to design carefully as it will constitute a larger part of the dissertation writing. 

    Quantitative Research Design

    This research design analyses quantifiable data such as probability, percentage, or numeric data. It offers two methods to study: manual, using mathematical models, and computer technique. There is special software’s available online to carry out analysis on computers.

    Qualitative Research Design

    This design of the dissertation investigates a set of information such as theories, observations, philosophies, the experience of famous personalities, dogma, policies, and methods. It is easy to implement, and the result is dependent on the perception of the assessor.

    Structure Of Nursing Dissertation

    1. Title-This is the first and most important step in dissertation writing. Make your title address the area of your study. The first page of the dissertation should be a title page, and the University of Australia has notified a rule which is as follows- The students studying in Australia have to mention details such as:
    • Name
    • Discipline (if applicable)
    • Year of submission
    • Degree
    • School
    1. Thesis declaration or Copyright Statement– This document certifies that the thesis is your work, and part of the same is copied.
    2. Dedication– American universities offer this facility to dedicate your thesis to someone, but it’s optional.
    3. Abstract– The abstract must summarize the source of the problem, motivation, methodologies, results, and conclusion. It is a brief description of your dissertation, which should not be more than 700 words.
    4. Table of content– It is an index of a nursing dissertation help.
    5. List of tables– If the nursing dissertation consists of tables, mention the title (of each table) along with page number.
    6. List of illustrations– If there is an illustration present in the nursing dissertation, then it is compulsory to list them by giving a suitable title along with page number.
    7. Acknowledgement– If you’re studying in Australia and recipient of an RTP scholarship or stipend then it is compulsory to write “This research was supported by an Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship”.
    8. Introduction– The introduction of a nursing dissertation contains the background of the subject, and it must answer questions such as: Why is it important? Where the research took place? What are the significant aspects of this thesis? Other than these questions, it must specify the aims, objectives, and variables of the nursing dissertation writing service.
    9. Literature Review– You need to exhibit knowledge of the subject. You are asked to mention investigations undertaken. You can also quote the work of other doctors/nurses related to the same subject, and you are allowed to criticize them. Its content should be 3000 to 4000 words.
    10. Research Methodology– You need to specify objectives subtly again then explain your data collection method. Justify your methods by giving suitable arguments. If you don’t justify, readers will assume it’s a fluke. In the last paragraph of this chapter, conclude your methodologies in brief. Write at least 1000 words but not more than 2000.
    11. Results– This is dependent on the type of data you have gathered. If you had chosen quantitative analysis, then the result could be statistical analysis. In case you had opted for qualitative data, then the result could be textual analysis or hypothesis analysis. As far as possible, include graphs, pie-chart, and diagrams to explain your findings.
    12. Discussion– This part of the nursing dissertation must be thought-provoking. Explain your results, why it is significant, what problems you have solved, and compare the results with your objectives so that the reader can assess your nursing dissertation.
    13. Conclusion– Explain your results clearly and make sure you have addressed all the research questions.
    14. Reference– British university prefers the Harvard system of referencing.
    15. Appendices– provide supporting documents that prove the originality of the work. This is optional in American, Australian, and British universities. 
    16. Universities ask students to attach a Turnitin report and statement of the word count along with acknowledgment.


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    It was good. The assignment was delivered on time and also citations were great.
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    It was good. The assignment was delivered on time and also citations were great.

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