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Management is an art of utilizing the available resources that could be assets, finance, technology, or human resource to the fullest of their capacity to achieve predetermined organizational goals. Management demands a variety of skills, these skills involve leadership, ability to lead, foresight, and understanding of market behaviour. Management dissertation writing help requires finding loopholes in existing policy, methodology, or strategy. It demands a flexible mindset, knowledge of the business operation to address a given problem effectively.

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    Management Dissertation Writing Help    Management Dissertation Writing Help    Management Dissertation Writing Help

    Management Dissertation Writing Help   Management Dissertation Writing Help   Management Dissertation Writing Help

    Management Dissertation Writing Help   Management Dissertation Writing Help   Management Dissertation Writing Help

    The List Of Popular Topics Chosen By Students For Dissertations


    Business, Government and society

    The acronym used for Business, Government, and Society are BGS. All three constituents are greatly connected. To make you understand my argument let’s understand the objectives of BGS. The business enterprises desire to lower the cost of production and maximize the profit. The society aspires to have an affordable cost of living, healthcare facility, infrastructure, and quality education. The government strives to manage resources effectively, help the public, fulfil the needs of the population. Every objective subtly inter-connected e.g. government will build best in class infrastructure from the revenue received from business enterprises. BGS is the best topic for the dissertation as you can explore market capitalism, dominance, and stakeholder models. You can also draft a dissertation on corporate social responsibility.

    Organizational Leadership

    A leader in the top executive of an organization who is responsible to make decisions for the organization. In ever-changing external situations, it is often difficult to make decisions. We advise you to draft a leadership strategy that is appropriate to adopt in a variable environment. The perspective of a leader influences the operation of an organization. You can study the effects of the macro and micro perspectives of a leader and its effect on the organization.

    Organizational Behaviour

    It is the study of human behaviour and its effects on an organization. The research study on this topic is divided into three categories namely:

    • Micro-level – It deals with the behaviour of an individual and its effect on the organization
    • Macro-level – It is the study of the behaviour of the organization as a whole.
    • Meso level – It analyses the actions of workgroups and their influence on the organization.
    Global Business Environment

    An organization endures many challenges and opportunities that result from external conditions.

    When a company launches its product in the global market it has to follow rules and regulations of the home country and client’s country. You can draft a thesis on the drawbacks of certain policies of a country that are preventing economic growth and the influx of FDI. 

    International Human Resource Management

    In HRM selection, recruitment, training, development, appraisal, and dismissal is carried out at the international level. Many multinational companies recruit skilled labour from other countries to save the cost of training. You should draft policy for a company that prevents the exploitation of workers and safeguard the rights of individuals. We suggest you write a dissertation on change in the behaviour of an organization (as a whole) after recruiting international human resources.

    Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    Innovation is a finding of novel products or services that satisfies the need of customers. Entrepreneurship is the marketing and sales of innovative products to generate revenue. Students can write a thesis by analysing the reasons for the failure of a start-up and advise effective solutions to avoid the same. They can also draft a dissertation on the role of E-commerce in the growth of start-ups.

    Strategic Management

    Strategic management provides techniques to effectively manage the resources of an organization to achieve predetermined shared goals and objectives. In your thesis, you can compare strategies to two companies having similar products and point out the reason for the underperformance. You can also innovate or modify pre-existing strategies for self-assessment.

    Project Management

    It is a practice of planning and scheduling of projects to complete within the stipulated deadline. It would be impossible to achieve targets without the continuous engagement of various levels of employees. There is ample scope of research in Descriptive Analytics And Visualization, Business Value Of Information, Project Integration, Project Scheduling and Control, and Procurement and Project Leadership. You also address problems of outsourcing in your thesis work.

    Various Designs Of Management Dissertation Writing Help

    The research undertaken for the dissertation is divided into two categories i.e. primary-secondary research and qualitative-quantitative research. To exhibit the results of research constructively they can be united. You should select a design based on the existing data or studies available. Still uncertain? Contact us now.

    Primary Research

    In the primary research, data is collected by interviewing managers or CEOs of the company. The students ask about the frequent problems they face in business operations. For example, it is challenging to deliver a product globally due to a lot of approvals so students can advise policy change in their thesis.

    Secondary Research

    In this design, the already researched area is selected for the dissertation. For example, every industry encounter delays in the completion of projects which increases the cost of projects. Their many methods are devised for project management where you can introduce change in existing methods.

    Quantitative Research

    It is based on probabilistic and statistical models yet not confined to it. For example, you can undertake a dissertation that addresses the problem of the undervaluation of an innovative product. You need to advise various techniques of branding and marketing so that the worth of the product enhances.

    Qualitative Research

    This research is based on observation, belief system, human behaviour, or people’s thought. It is appropriate to use this method of research in human resource management. You can formulate new theories to deal with workers. The method involves a case study, generic qualitative inquiry, phenomenology. It focuses on theory and observation, unlike quantitative research.

    How To Structure A Management Dissertation


    The dissertation is an important working document for final year students because they will be judged in a job interview based on the same. It demonstrates the intellectual skill of students and the remuneration package will be decided by how well students have addressed a problem. Every university has notified the requirements of the dissertation and they laid out some standards for margin, structure, and fonts.


    • Title: Students should title their thesis precisely. They have to write the title on the first page of the thesis. Australian university asks students to mention following details along with title:


    1. Name
    2. Degree
    3. School
    4. Year Of submission
    5. Discipline (if applicable)


    • Thesis Declaration: In American University it is known as a copyright statement. It certifies the uniqueness of the thesis. 
    • Dedication (Optional):  American University provides an option to dedicate your work. 
    • Abstract: It is a summary, scope, motivation, methods, conclusion, and prospects of your thesis.
    • Table of Contents:  It is an index of the dissertation.
    • List of Tables: It lists tables with their heading and the page number.


    • Acknowledgments: Optional in an American university but Australian universities ask students to write “This research was supported by an Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship” if they have received a scholarship.
    • Introduction: It specifies aim, objective and research questions
    • Literature Review: Here, you are expected to write about the investigation you have undertaken. You can also quote the work of revered authors in the corresponding field of study.
    • Detailed Methodology: You must demonstrate how you have devised a solution for a given problem and why it is appropriate. You can mention the advantages and disadvantages of other methods also.
    • Results/Analysis: Explain the results you have got after applying your solution. It could be explained using models like the qualitative, quantitative, or content analysis.
    • Conclusion: Clearly explains the major finding of the thesis and makes sure it answers the research question.
    • Appendices: Provide supporting evidence which confirms the originality of their work. It is optional in British, Australian, and American universities.
    • Reference: British university demands the Harvard system of listing references.

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    It was good. The assignment was delivered on time and also citations were great.
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    It was good. The assignment was delivered on time and also citations were great.

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