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Refund Policy

We keep revising our Refund Policy based on the latest updates in the industry. You are advised to be updated with the latest version of the T&Cs. If you place an order or take any type of service from HighQualityAssignmentHelp.com, you agree to comply with all aspects of this Refund Policy

Note (guidelines applicable to all the refund policies):

  • We assign your work requirements to the best available expert (writer) at that given point of time, and try to give the best service. In case of dissatisfaction, refund can be initiated as per the refund policies stated below.
  • We are available 24*7 to take your request via call/emails or live chatHowever, we are not responsible for the interruptions or delays in contact during our site update or maintenance / technical errors.
  • We give FREE multiple Wok Revision in case we are not able to meet the specifications, or deviate from the service offered. Please go through the revision policy terms before claiming.
  • Any request to change the delivery date (deadline) once the order has been placed will not be entertained, and if you want a refund, it will be initiated as per the refund guidance stated below. If you require any change in deadline required, it will be liable for additional pay, but the request acceptance is the sole decision of HighQualityAssignmentHelp.com team.
  • Any refund request will only be entertained after you have provided us with enough verified proof(s) like grade-sheets,etc., and we have thoroughly investigated the claim.
  • Any refunds (in cash or bank transfer) will be processed within the next 7-14 working days, after it is found the claim is found to be valid.
  • You are responsible for paying any taxes, including any services tax or value-added taxes, depending on your residence or location, which may apply depending on the jurisdiction of the services provided, during any kind of refund.

Refund Policy

  1. We do not entertain any refund request of the initial amount/partial payment paid by the client, instead we add that in your wallet for the next assignment or adjust it in your next assignment. This is so because the expert(writer) is paid in advance and getting a refund from them is not possible.
  2. In case the draft of the work we submit against your initial payment is not found satisfactory, amendments can be made as per the further provided guidelines (but should not be any additional demand which is liable for extra payment). But no refund request of the amount paid till then, will be entertained in any case. We always try to deliver the best work, or make free multiple amendments till you are satisfied with the work.
  3. After you have paid an initial amount and the expert has started the work, but you wish to cancel the order, a total of 25% of the total amount + amount equivalent to the work done by the expert will be deducted. We will share with you the file of the work completed till then. The refunded amount in this case will be added to your wallet or can be refunded in your back account within the next 7-14 working days, or can be adjusted in your next order, which is solely your decision
  4. You cannot cancel the order if the work completed by the expert (writer) is more than 25% of the total work, till then.

50% Refund Policy:

  1. Though we hire the best experts for your work order and we try that you never get a ‘Fail grade’, but in case you fail, 50% of the total amount decided for the order shall be refunded in your wallet on the website, or in your bank account within next 7-14 working days, or can be adjusted in your next order with us. The rest half amount goes to the writer which is not refundable.
  2. In case you fail, we can even do a reset assignment for you or an assignment of the same word count or complexity, but in this case you will not be entitled to claim 50% refund of the failed assignment. So either in failure cases, you can take a 50% refund, or you can get the next or reset assignment done at free of cost.

No refund shall be granted in the following case:

  1. Deadline of the assignment is less than 48 hours
  2. 30 days after the order is delivered
  3. When there is a delay in submission of assignments from our end. In this case we will adjust the refund amount in your next order of any service you place with us. Same term will be applicable if there is a delay in submission from your end
  4. If the client fails due to his/her lack of either providing incomplete/wrong requirement file or details, or not being available for a query raised by the expert within 3 hours for urgent code (deadline less than 48 hours) or 1 hours if the deadline time remaining is less than 12 hours to submission, or 12 hours if the deadline is greater than 72 hours. In this case we will do the next assignment at 25% discounted cost, but no refund will be made
  5. The assignment work is not as per the specifications given, and there is no time left to revise them.
  6. Any delay in submission of your assignment due to a technical issue or internet issue

Any refund granted is the discrete decision of highqualityassignmenthelp.com and only when the refund claimed is genuine, verified and is found as per the policies stated above, then shall it be granted. Otherwise, no refund shall be given.

To raise the refund request, please fill in the following details-


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