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Federation Business School

BUACC3706: Financial Accounting

Assessment Task 2 – ASSIGNMENT 

Contribution to overall assessment:  30%


In a folder called “Assignment Papers and Rio Tinto Report” on Moodle, you will find 8 papers that address various aspects of sustainability and environmental reporting. Rio Tinto’s 2017 sustainability development report is also uploaded in this folder. 

Required (word limit 3,000 words) 

  1. Critically review any five of the eight papers;
  2. Critically discuss the 2017 Rio Tinto sustainable development report

Please note:

  • A critical review requires you to summarise and evaluate each paper.
  • To be critical does not mean to criticise in a negative way.  It requires you to question the given information and view put forth by the author(s).  It requires you to evaluate the issues raised in a paper.
  • Evaluation means presenting the strengths and weaknesses of a paper.
  • Overall, writing a critical review involves analysis and evaluation.

Additional Information:

Watch video and read text on how to think critically before starting your assignment:


Additionally, there is also a document uploaded on Moodle ‘writing a critical review’.

Further Additional Information

The following maTers should be given particular attention:

  • Your assignment must be submitted no later than 11.55pm, Sunday ending week 10 of the semester
  • All assignments are to be submitted via the dropbox on Moodle
  • Assessment tasks submitted after the due date, without prior approval or arrangement, will be penalised by ten percent.  Requests for extension of time must be made with your lecturer and based on Special Consideration guidelines.
  • Use 12 point Times font with 2cm margins on your page and 1.5 line spacing.
  • Remember to reference your writing and include a reference list at the end of the report.
  • Marks have been allocated to each specific section of your assignment.


Chapter 32 – Accounting for corporate social responsibility

Craig Deegan, (2019)

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    It was good. The assignment was delivered on time and also citations were great.
    Accounting Management
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    It was good. The assignment was delivered on time and also citations were great.

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